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Healthworks Organic Maqui Berry Powder, 4 oz

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The Maqui Berry comes from a rare antioxidant-rich shrub found in the Patagonia region of Chile. It produces vibrant purple-colored berries which were traditionally used by indigenous Mapuche Indians to provide medicinal support, a natural energy boost and vitality.

Our high purity powder comes directly from the whole maqui berry which is freeze-dried after being harvested and then carefully milled into fine powder. This process retains the high nutritional value of the fruit and allows for maximum digestion and absorption when consumed.

Our Healthworks 100% USDA Certified Organic Maqui Berry Powder is raw, pure, all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO, making it a great addition to any lifestyle.

Healthy and delicious - add Maqui Berry Powder to your diet and reap the benefits!

TRY WITH: Smoothies, Shakes, Baked Goods, Added to Food (like Yogurt, Cereal, and Oatmeal), Mixed into Juices, Tea, and Water and more!

Question: What does Maqui Powder taste like?

Answer: The maqui berry has a subtly sweet and slightly tart fruit flavor that resembles a combination of blackberry, blueberry, watermelon and acai. It doesn't take much to flavor a drink and provide a super dose of immune boosting benefits.

Question: Where is Maqui Berry from?

Answer: Maqui berries grow in one of the most pristine areas of the world, Patagonia. This is a region made up of sparsely populated valleys free of pollution and abundant in rich volcanic soil.

Fruits and berries found in these locations are proven to have exceedingly high levels of the antioxidant anthocyanin. This is the very Southern part of South America, bordered by both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Question: How do you pronounce Maqui?

Answer: MAH-key


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