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How to Prepare Ceremonial Matcha Tea

Drinking matcha tea has been a celebrated tradition in Japan for thousands of years. 

Our main priority is providing the highest quality tea that the most avid Matcha enthusiast will love. Our USDA Certified Organic powder comes from a small, sustainable farm in Japan and is steamed, stemmed, and de-vined before being grounded into very fine powder. This process allows for us to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients in each matcha leaf. 

Matcha tea delivers a mega dose of antioxidants and is also rich in EGCg, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium and more. This makes every sip a very nutritious one!

Make Matchaworks Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder an intuitive daily ritual to bring peace and calmness to life's moments.


Step 1
To brew a cup, scoop 1½ teaspoons of Matchaworks Ceremonial Green Tea Powder into a strainer.
*This will ensure there are no clumps, so your tea will be smooth  

Step 2
Add 2 ounces hot water. For best results use water just under a boil.

Step 3
Whisk vigorously (10-15 seconds) in a zigzag or 'M'-shaped motion until the tea is frothy or bright green
Step 4
Enjoy your matcha tea! Matcha is best enjoyed right after you've prepared it-some of the powder will settle at the bottom.


Additional Tips:

- Using a bamboo whisk will achieve the best results. Matcha green tea powder should be whisked with hot water to create a frothy, nourishing beverage (not steeped).
- Traditionally, Matcha is served without milk, honey or sugar. However, an easy way to introduce yourself to powdered green tea is to serve it with milk, sugar, and over ice.  
- The powder should be stored away from light and sealed off from oxygen in order to preserve its bright green color and health benefits.



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