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8 Tips to Become a Morning Exerciser

Not everyone is a morning person, not to mention few are eager to wake up early and hit the gym. However, getting up and moving can actually be an amazing way to start your day—for most of us, it’s just a matter of how. Check out the tips below to find out how to become a morning exerciser.

  1. Schedule it

You probably wouldn’t miss an appointment with your doctor, your hairdresser or your dentist. Just make going to the gym like these appointments, make it something you can’t skip.

  1. Pack accordingly and get to bed early

Get your gear ready the night before, that way, you won’t arrive at the gym without socks or with your shirt inside-out.

  1. Consider a workout you have to pay for

Some days it will be very tempting to stay in bed, but when you think about how much money you would waste if you missed a session, then you will be more motivated to head out to the gym.

  1. Find a buddy

Maybe it’s a friend you already know, or maybe it’s someone you meet on your first early-morning trip to the gym. Make a commitment to each other that you will show up and hold each other accountable.

  1. Make it a competition

If you are working out solo, treat yourself to new gym gear after a solid month’s worth of commitment. If you and your gym buddy are both on a quest to make early exercise dares a habit, come up with a little challenge.

  1. Do a class

Many gyms offer one-hour classes that start around 6 am. Simply just sign up for the class and be consistent with that.

  1. Take baby steps

Start by setting your alarm by 5-minute this week. Next week go for another five. You will be getting up an hour earlier before you know it.

  1. Treat yourself afterward

Experts say that the golden window for post-workout nutrition is 30 to 60 minutes after exercising. So make breakfast your next priority. Stay healthy though, try a blended smoothie with greens, frozen fruit or a parfait with granola, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

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