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  • Jul 23, 2018

    Spraying your favorite perfume can help boost your mood, however many commercial brand perfumes contain many chemicals, which might not be ideal for many health-conscious people. For some people, the smell can be too overwhelming and somewhat artificial.


    That’s why many people prefer to make their own DIY perfume. If you are looking for an earthy aroma, Patchouli oil can be a good ingredient for your perfume.

     Patchouli’s smell on its own might be too strong for some, as people describe it the smell as musky, earthy and reminiscent of wet soil. It’s recommended to mix it with an oil base and essential oil. Healthworks Organic Coconut Oil can be a suitable option - it’s pure, unrefined, all- natural and smells good! Healthworks organic coconut oil is cold-pressed to retain its nutritional value and the tropical flavor of the coconut. The Coconut Oil does not contain any additives and is carefully hand selected from small sustainable farmers.

    Lavender Patchouli Perfume



    20 drops Healthworks Coconut Oil

    12 drops lavender essential oil

    10 drops Orange essential oil

    5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

    5 drops patchouli essential oil



    1. One Dropper/Pipet
    2. Small glass bottle


    1. Mix all the ingredients with the droppers in the small glass bottle and ready to be used right away!





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