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Feel Overwhelmed? Here Are 5 Tips To Shift Your Energy

We’ve all heard the saying “live in the moment”, this might be easy to say but is actually hard to follow. Our minds often get occupied by a lot of things, studies, research, job duties, family, relationships, money, pets … the list can go on. When our mind feels like messy tangled yarn, it’s difficult to truly enjoy what is right in front of us. Looking for a change? Here is some advice to shift your energy and be in the present.

  1. Single Task (not only at work)

Not only at work, this tip of completing a single task can be used in your everyday life. Focus on doing your best to finish one thing, then start your next task. Try this and you might be amazed at how efficient you can be.

  1.  Fully Engage in Listening 

When engaging in a conversation, we might already be in our own world thinking about what we can add to the conversation, suggesting we are only listening half-way. Instead, try to invite more presence into the conversation and relationship, simply by listening to the whole situation before thinking and responding. 

  1. Feel your Feelings

Do you tend to over-analyze your feelings and try to change them? This can be mentally demanding. Try to sit with your feelings and simply observe them. Let go of the pressure craving to be perfect and positive all the time, and instead, let yourself feel.

  1. Celebrate the Small Joys

Pay attention to the details in everyday life, appreciate even the small good things that happen in your life. Whether it’s bumping into a good old friend, finding an extra dollar in your purse, or seeing the clear beautiful blue sky. Celebrate tiny joys as much as the big ones.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

The main reason we get so caught up in future worries is that we want all of the answers to our problems immediately. Take a deep breath, relax, the less you strain to find the answers, the more likely they are to come to you. You can take care of the future by taking care of the present.

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