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What is Matchaworks?

We believe in the power of Matcha! So we have developed a healthy new tea line specializing in Matcha Green Tea products - Matchaworks!

Drinking matcha tea has been a celebrated tradition in China and Japan for thousands of years. However, it wasn’t until recently that Matcha green tea started getting some buzz and recognition. It’s for good reason that people are talking about this super drink! It’s not only extremely healthy and revitalizing, but it is also considered to be a highly treasured specialty tea with a very rich cultural history and traditional preparation.

With matcha you consume the whole tea leaf, so you are getting more antioxidants and caffeine than in your standard cup of green tea - plus loads of more health benefits! It’s time for people to find out what this metabolism-boosting, immune-strengthening, and zen drink is all about!

We have travelled all over Asia to meet with local, small farmers so we could source the best quality Matcha for our customers. We hope you find the time to bring a new zen to your daily routine.

Matchaworks Products