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  • Healthworks Chia Seeds Raw, 2lb
  • Healthworks Chia Seeds Raw, 2lb

Healthworks Chia Seeds Raw, 2lb

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Chia Seeds, a popular South American staple, is the ultimate seed for wellness and health. They can be the superfood blast that brings your diet to the next level! Chia seeds have been around for thousands of years but have been becoming more popular due to their potent health benefits. They are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants and many other essential vitamins and minerals. Being neutral in taste, you can add these versatile little seeds in many of your favorite dishes and drinks!


Question: What do chia seeds taste like?

Answer: When eaten dry, chia tastes a bit like a poppy seed. It is dense, small and crunchy. Soaked chia seeds absorb liquid and become very plump, sweet and soft like tapioca pearls, and can be used much in the same way.

Question: Should chia seeds be washed?

Answer: Chia seeds do not need to be washed.

Question: How should chia seeds be stored?

Answer: Whole chia seeds will stay in good condition at room temperature for several years. There is no need to keep the seeds in the refrigerator, whether it’s kept in sealed bags or not. The seed’s natural antioxidants provide this stability. Storing chia in a closed container will help extend its shelf life.

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