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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Gorgeous Raw Superfood Vegan Cheesecake

Vegan? Fancy going raw? Neither, but want a healthy tasty treat? Start with this magical Raw Superfood Vegan Cheesecake. It’s dairy-free, chocolate-free and raw! This beautiful cake is full of healthy fats from nuts and seeds, multi-source vitamin B, complex carbs like oats and dried fruits. It’s ultra-creamy, rich, sweet, and easy to make, perfect for a pot-luck and parties! This raw cheesecake recipe is similar to the thick rich taste of traditional cheesecake without cheese, eggs or white sugar. It also doesn’t require baking, just a blending, and processing of the filling and the crust layers. It uses cashews...

DIY Moisturising Cacao Body Butter Cream

This cacao body butter cream will be your new favorite item in your skin care routine. It combines two superfood ingredients: coconut oil and cacao butter. Both products are all-natural, unrefined and don’t contain any additives. Coconut oil is known to have antioxidant properties and it is full of essential fatty acids. While cacao butter comes from the cacao bean, it is a rich emollient, which can help leave your skin buttery and soft. Full of fatty acids, cacao butter has been known to help retain moisture and build elasticity. This recipe is easy to DIY! And besides making a portion for yourself, you can also consider this homage body butter as a personalized gift for friends and...

5-Ingredient Strawberry Chocolates

Author: Julianne Hall I don’t normally talk about myself much in blog posts, but since I’m publishing these strawberry chocolates as a Valentine’s Day recipe, it’s time I let you in on some good news: I’m engaged! It’s been about two weeks since the proposal, so needless to say, this Valentine’s Day feels extra special and romantic. Still, I can remember many V-Days spent alone, and I know that when you’re alone it can feel like everyone else is around you is happy and in love. Although I’m grateful to be the latter this year, this recipe goes out to all...