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Let Animals Be Free In Nature

It’s nothing new that we are all fascinated by the variety of species of animals that share our planet.  Since 1250 BC, the zoo has served humanity for entertainment with many exotic animals behind bars. Some claims say that the zoo plays an important role in conservation and education, nevertheless, it’s still debatable. There might be more to the story than we know and more for us to find out. Here are 4 reasons why we may want to let wild animals be in the wild.

  1. There may not be comfortable space in a zoo

 No matter how big some zoos try to make their enclosures, or how many branches they place around, the space in some zoos might not be as free as their natural habitat.

  1. The animals may suffer mentally

When animals are taken from their home and placed in a closed cage or new insufficient environment, this can impact their mental state. The zoo animals could experience feelings of depression, boredom or psychosis, and sometimes show abnormal repetitive behavior such as pacing, head bobbing, rocking and sitting motionless.

  1. Animals are taken from nature

Although this is not the case for all zoos, there are some animals still taken by force from the wild. For instance, in 2010, Zimbabwe planned to capture two of every mammal species living in the Hwange National Park including lions, rhinos, zebras, and elephants, in order to send them to a North Korean zoo. Thanks to the international pressure from varying animal right organizations, the plan was terminated. There is a study that shows that 79% of animals in aquariums are taken from the wild.

  1. The Captivity

Though some zoos proclaim they are practicing conservation and to eventually release the animal into the wild, this might not always be the case. After a certain period of time in confinement, an animal can lose their natural instinct and become unable to fend for themself in the wild again. In fact, there are zoos that do not register their animals on the international species database, and some zoo animals may not be endangered.

Instead of going to the zoo, you can always learn from watching wildlife documentaries, to further understand their natural habitat and to see an animal enjoying their life right where they belong - in nature!

We always believe in doing more research to learn more about the zoos and conservation facilities around you.  

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