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Make Your Own Gourmet Chocolate

Looking to make something sweet for your honey to celebrate Valentines Day? We've got you covered! 

Check out this insanely easy 3-ingredient recipe below.

Best part, it's healthy too! All 3 of the elements that make up this dessert are super nutritious in their own way. 

Raw Cacao Powder is a superfood that provides a great source of magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper and potassium along with a delicious dark chocolate taste. 

Raw Cacao Butter is pure vegetable fat that is extracted directly from the cacao bean. It is packed with antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals. It's great to bake with because it melts quickly, blends smoothly, and easily re-hardens when cooled down. It's also a tasty way to add another depth of chocolate flavor to your life!

Untreated, raw honey contributes a source of protein and beneficial fatty acids into the mix which could be helpful for heart health. 

Follow the 3 steps below and you'll have your own homemade, gourmet, made-with-love chocolate in 30 minutes... maybe even less!




  1. Combine all your ingredients.
  2. Pour into chocolate molds or a lined baking tray (to keep it super simple)
  3. Allow it to set in the fridge and then enjoy!

Note: Add your favorites garnishes on top. Our favorites include Healthworks Goji Berries, a dash of vanilla, coconut flakes, a pinch of sea salt, a little nut butter, or raspberries!

Recipe via Food Matters


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