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5 Healthy Eating Habits To Teach Your Kids

It’s essential to teach your children to develop healthy eating habits at a young age. Try using fun and engaging methods to help your child build a healthy relationship with food. Start today to teach your child to create healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

1. Visit A Farmers’ Market together

Find a weekend to go the farmers’ market with you child or even consider bringing them there regularly. Show them what’s in season, and how to pick the fruits and veggies. Talk to a local farmer who can give you and your child insightful information about what you are buying.

2. Get Them Cooking

One of the best ways to get your kids to love food is to get them involved in cooking.   It’s also a way to spend quality time together in the kitchen; younger kids can help with stirring and pouring, while older kids can be in charge of measuring ingredients.

3. Have A Positive Mindset

Forcing your kid to eat something they don’t like or using food as a reward might put food in a negative light. Instead, keep things positive, let your kids try new foods if they want, let them smell it and touch it, this can be just as fascinating as actually eating it. A few complimentary words can also help too.

4. Be A Role Model

Kids often learn by watching what adults do. Try to show your kids you are trying to eat well by making healthier choices, they can potentially adopt your lifestyle and be more well-informed when it comes to their own decisions.

5. Plan Smartly With Snacks

Teach your kids not to eat heavy snacks right before meal times, if they crave something, make it as light and healthy as possible, say baby carrots dipped in hummus or whole grain crackers topped with nut butter.

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