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How To Identify And Pursue Your Passion In Life

You might go through a moment in life where you feel totally lost. This might be a new change in your environment and finding it difficult to identify a passion. You may not even be able to see how our different passions compliment each other. Here are some questions to think over and see if they can help guide you in the right direction.

  1. Do you remember what you loved doing as a child?

Think back to any activities, crafts, or games you enjoyed during your childhood. Did you love to draw or write when you were young? Would you enjoy those activities now? You can always set aside some time during the weekend to relax with your hobby. Maybe you already have a hobby now, if so, try to give it a little more time so it can take more of a centre stage in your life.

  1. What Were You Good At When You Were In High School?

Maybe you were passionate about art and photography, dancing, maybe it was literature, history, woodshop, music, or spending time at the basketball court practicing new dribbles or skills. Think back to these moments that brought you joy, and see if you might consider diving back into anything. You could join a book club or dance class and reconnect with many other passionate individuals.

  1. Don’t Presume That Your Passion Should Be Your Job

If you can’t imagine not doing something, or there is something that makes you feel alive and energetic, it’s most likely passion. It doesn't necessarily have to be your job or be a moneymaker. It can even be a small craft or project that you work on at home after work, as it’s still satisfying and fulfills your passion.

  1. Reflecting On Your Whole Life

Imagine you are much older and you have been blessed with many grandchildren. Imagine resting in a comfy leather armchair, and while you are sipping on a cup of hot tea in the afternoon, looking back through your life, what do you wish you had spent the last 20 to 30 years doing?

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