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5 Tips to Take A Technology Detox

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Many of us maybe just pick up our phones to check on  new messages, Instagram, facebook, snapchat etc. But maybe sometimes we  do feel like “quitting the social media”…for a while.

Taking a break from technology opens up space to genuinely be with ourselves, authentically connect with others, and spend time out in the world.

Here are the tips for taking a technology detox:-

  1. Clarify WHY

Our culture is undoubtedly relies on technology, through technology we can better plan our travel, connect with people, surf for new information. So before you start taking the technology detox, you have to intentionally ask yourself “why”?

Do you want to feel more healthier? To have more actual face-to-face communication with others? To find more time for yourself?

Having a clear objective will help you stay committed on taking a technology detox.

  1. Start small

It’s understandable that we have  the ambition to cut-off social media in one shot. Yes, it’s still daunting. It is suggested to start  with incremental steps, the key is not to overwhelmed . Start by limiting the time you spend on social media. Instead of constantly checking on social media, set yourself a specific time period for scrolling through.

  1. Fill the space

When you are not  on  your phone or computer that often, you basically have more time  on your hands. It’s important to fill this void. Maybe it's time for you to start a new hobby, to finish the book you never finished, to meet up  with a friend, or simply nourish your  body by making a detoxifying drink.

Refreshing Chlorophyll Detox Drink


1/2 teaspoon Healthworks Chlorella Powder

10 Oz water

1 teaspoon honey

Squeeze of Lemon


Stir well and enjoy!

  1. Communication

Yes you are taking the technology detox, but you still have co-workers, families, friends, partner or even the familiar face you see everyday on the way to work. Those close to you might get frustrated or even freaked out if they can’t reach you. So it’s better to tell them in advance you are detoxing, and if necessary, how can they reach you.  If you’re up for it, take a detoxifying weekend: turn off your phone,  enjoy the outdoors, a good book, a good movie,  go try that new restaurant, check out that new gallery or book yourself a new fitness class.

  1. Reflection

During your detox, what is important is to note is your relationship with technology—how it affects you in both good and bad ways. You can re-evaluate how you want to interact with technology and  accordingly adjust your  detox frequency.

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