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  • May 01, 2018

    Healthworks Chia Seeds are packed of soluble and insoluble fiber. They can help you with feeling full. These versatile seeds are also high in protein, Omega-3,calcium and antioxidants, which make them a healthy bonus to your daily diet!

    Treat yourself with this energizing papaya chia smoothie in the morning or after a workout. It is tasty, healthy, and refreshingly satisfying!


    2 Tablespoon Healthworks Chia Seeds

    Half Frozen Papaya
    70ml Coconut milk
    50ml Water
    2 tablespoon honey



    1. Cut the papaya into slices
    2. Mix Chia seeds, water and honey, stir well and let it stay for 10 minutes
    3. Blend papaya and chia seed mixture until smooth
    4. Add coconut milk into the mixture and serve. Enjoy!


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