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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Chocolatey & Creamy Popsicle

Whatever the time of the month it is—chocolate always sounds lovely. They are the ingredient that lets you have it all—from ice cream to cakes—in a way that is so healthy you will give your body a boost while indulging. Cacao powder comes from cacao beans known for that signature full-bodied chocolate taste, without sweeteners or additives. They are not only full of antioxidants but also have an impressive magnesium content so it packs a remarkable health boost. Summertime calls for popsicles! Chocolate popsicles are bound to become your favorite summertime treat! Chocolate popsicles are ready to enjoy straight out...

Crunchy Almond Cacao Nibs Cookies

Cacao nibs are fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao beans which add a great crunch and have an intense chocolatey taste, but aren't sweet at all. Since they are unsweetened, they bring balance to a lot of sweet desserts. Cacao nibs give these cookies a chocolatey punch. These cookies are pure and delicious! They are very light and the cacao nibs offer the perfect crunchy texture. If you are not familiar with cacao nibs, they are one of the best chocolate chips without added sugar. Cacao nibs came from cacao beans that have been roasted and separated from their husks,...

Nourish To Flourish - Rainbow Parfait

Eating the rainbow is a fundamental healthy eating tip! For optimal health, we need a rainbow of nutrients and colors. Also, to avoid meals becoming boring, we can pay attention to the presentation of food. This rainbow parfait is packed with nutrients and looks inviting. Who doesn’t love a vibrant rainbow in a glass?  Ingredients (2 servings) 2 cups non-dairy yogurt 1 cup Strawberries 1 cup Clementines 1 cup Mangoes 1 cup Kiwis 1 up Blueberries 2 tbsp Granola 1 tbsp Healthworks Cacao Nibs Instructions: Wash and slice fruits into small pieces. Line up small glasses. Layer yogurt and fruits in rainbow colors. Top with granola and cacao...

Matcha Mint Chip Nice Cream

Summer is around the corner, one of the best parts of summer is cooling off with some frozen treat at the end of a hot day! Instead of heading to the local ice cream store, why not make yourself some in the comfort of your own pantry? Be creative, blast out the fresh ingredients to whip up your own unique batch of nice cream, a dairy-free ice cream substitute made from the frozen banana and a few nutrient-dense ingredients! Matcha Mint Chip Nice Cream Ingredients 2 frozen bananas 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips 2 tsp Healthworks Matcha Green Tea Powder 1...

Berry Delicious Acai Berry Cacao Truffles

Acai bowls have been trending and #instafamous for a while. Did you know you could also incorporate açai berries in truffles? Acai berries are delicious deep purple berries native to the Amazon, they are packed with antioxidants, essential amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. These truffles are the perfect energy booster to fight the afternoon slump. They are sweet and decadent with a rich chocolatey flavor, and have a subtle fruity note from the açai berry. What else is better than snacking on some homemade superfood truffles? Ingredients 3 tbsp Healthworks Acai Powder 1 tbsp almond butter ¼ cup almonds or coconut flakes 100g dried dates 1 tbsp Healthworks Cacao Nibs 1...