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with love from the bottom of Foodly heart

Superfood 101: Flaxseed

Certified organic, high in fiber and absolutely delicious! A historical staple to the human diet, Flaxseed has been used as a nutritionally rich seed for thousands of years. Healthworks Organic Ground Flaxseed is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals like, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, lignans, and soluble and insoluble fibers. It has also been cold milled which allows for easy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption. These seeds makes for a great addition to any lifestyle. Add Healthworks Ground Flaxseed to your diet and you'll be reaping the benefits!  This nutty tasting seed can be enjoyed by mixing it into smoothies, baked...

Superfood 101: Raw Maca or Gelatinized Maca?

Did you know that maca powder has been around for thousands of years! It is most notably known for its use as a power nutritional source by the Peruvians (also known as 'Peruvian Ginseng'). Maca Powder comes from a root that is very high in protein, fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese and fatty acids. After being sun dried, the root is typically ground into powder.    This powder is a versatile addition to many snacks and meals! It can be added to smoothies and juices as well as soups, energy bars, oatmeal, baked goods and even...

The Perfect Dinner Menu

Who doesn't love to gather, cook, eat and be merry with one another? It's one of our favorite things to do over the weekend.  Sometimes coordinating the menu for a get together can be the most overwhelming part of hosting a dinner party. We're here to take the worry away and set you up for success.  Below is one of our favorite dinners to make. It's our favorite because each recipe is pretty simple and they are easy to size up for big crowds. The dishes are sure to be a hit with everyone's taste buds, trust us!  Appetizer  Rosemary &...

What can you do for Earth Day?

There are a lot of little ways to help make our environment a greener and cleaner place to live!  Plant a treePlanting trees in your neighborhood will create fresh oxygen the air, help conserve energy and provide homes for birds and other wildlife. Just make sure the tree you plant is indigenous to your area so it can live long and prosper! RecycleNot sure what you can and can't recycle? Waste Management breaks it down for you here. Take a green commute to workEncourage your friends and family to carpool, take the bus or even bike to work. You'll be helping to reduce emissions, even if...

Superfood 101: Cacao Powder

Cacao is a tropical tree native to Central and South America. Its fruit is best known as chocolate’s main ingredient, though it is increasingly consumed for its nutritional value as well as its taste. This means cacao products are not only a nutrient dense superfood, but a healthy-chocolatey treat too! We source our Healthworks Certified Organic Raw Cacao Powder from small, organic farms, where the cacao beans are hand harvested, cold pressed, and carefully milled into fine powder. This process retains the cacao's authentic, rich, bitter-toned flavor and high nutritional value. So think dark chocolate… but healthier and completely guilt-free!  Cacao Powder is packed with vitamins,...